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Basis Technologies Provides a Deep Dive Into Higher Education Advertiser & Marketer Vertical

Written by Basis Technologies

With the value of a college degree being questioned, enrollment declining, and intense competition from online and e-learning platforms, marketers are struggling to connect with today’s students. Despite these challenges, higher education remains highly attractive.

Basis Technologies offers a comprehensive analysis of the higher education landscape in its Vertical Knowledge Brief, detailing current trends, paid media implications, and key audiences driving growth.

Highlights from the Higher Education VKB include:

  • Industry:
    • Education remains a priority among consumers. Educational attainment rates continue to rise for high school and college graduates. Likewise, the number of bachelor’s and master’s degrees earned continues to grow year over year. Looking at minority populations, more Hispanics and Asians have been earning bachelor’s degrees every year. Additionally, many current students in bachelor’s programs are also first-generation college students.
    • Most students seek out the traditional, four-year campus-based bachelor’s degree program. Generally, students find that getting a degree is more than just a goal. Most agree that earning their degree will positively impact their job prospects and future earning potential.
    • During the college search, potential students and their parents share similar concerns. Cost, financial aid and scholarship availability as well as available courses are top of mind.
  • Paid Media:
    • ​Some of the largest spending advertisers within this market have placed an emphasis on the need for a diverse set of opportunities to connect with their audiences, that includes investing in channels like search and social. Continuing to create points of connectivity via accessible platforms, such as social or mobile, is crucial as this will help increase brand visibility while allowing marketers to spread informative content at a widescale.​
    • Programmatic channels are a key part of the media mix for competitors within this market, at least 40% of each educational segment’s focus goes toward these platforms. The emphasis on programmatic shows the industry’s recognition and trust in the effectiveness of programmatic advertising and reaching their target audiences, often younger segments.
    • Academic and educational advertisers prioritize digital platforms, with 79% of the total category’s ad spend dedicated towards non-traditional channels like search or social. While TV remains a notable channel, digital accessibility, especially through social and mobile platforms, is crucial for engaging with prospective students effectively.
  • ​​Audiences:
    • ​Last year, undergraduate and graduate college enrollments reached an estimated total of 18,939,568, with public institutions accounting for 73.19% of these enrollments.
    • While each target comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, both academically and culturally, they can all agree that being able to continue their cultural traditions and openly express themselves in a safe environment is a major priority. They also want to have a better understanding of the tools, resources, and values that colleges or universities uphold to ensure those within their consideration bucket align well with their own personal image. Sharing informative content that highlights positive reviews from currents students or faculty will resonate well with these audience segments in higher education.
    • Whether students, working adults, or parents are in the market for a reputable academic institution, each segment wants to invest in a school that they can rely on to foster their creative interests with the support of guiding tools/resources and advisors whose frameworks are designed to fit their unique academic needs. Giving students the freedom to carve out their academic career path and tools to help guide them along the way is key; marketers should highlight their offerings on this front across their outreach efforts to stand out from their competitors.

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