Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Lucky 21’s Rob Pritts Directs Comedic GameStop Spot

Lucky 21’s Rob Pritts Directs Comedic GameStop Spot

Rob Pritts, director with Lucky 21, recently completed a TV spot for GameStop that spoofs a childbirth scenario to depict their promotion for trading old smartphones for cash.  It was “conceived” by The Richards Group creative team and the talent included actors from both Callidus Agency and Linda McAlister. See below for names.

When asked about the production that was cast and shot in DFW, Pritts shared a fun story.

“We hit jackpot with the “Dad” because he was so sweet. On every take he showed emotion like he’d been there before. I know he had not gone through childbirth…at least not since his own. So, after a few takes, I came up to him and told him how great his performance was. He thanked me, looking a little lost.  I asked him if he was imagining a real birth when we rolled. He looked at me and said no; he was just imagining what it would be like to get a couple hundred bucks.   Seriously? Dead serious.  That’s method!”

The Richards Group
Creative Group Heads: Lynda Hodge & David Canright
Art Director: Diego Zelaya
Copywriter: Joey Googe

Callidus Agency
Carlos Lozano: Father-to-Be

Linda McAlister
Troy Grant: Doctor

Watch spot…