Monday 23 July 2018
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Editor’s Pick

Patty Harrison
Editor-in-Chief AdChat DFW

This month we feature an article that Amy Power with The Power Group, wrote for Forbes, addressing the tricky subject of balancing who does what in the event of a company crises. Does the HR department step in for damage control or is the PR team burdened with the task? This editorial dissects the natural inclinations of each and highlights their expertise, or lack of,  in handling a situation when a crisis erupts.

Although Human Resources may advocate for employee productivity, they may be unskilled to navigate what may become a legal issue for the company. The Public Relations team or external PR agency, is much better equipped to handle all channels of communication, has innate objectivity and the ability to respond very quickly where ever the crisis erupts.

Please take the time to read this month’s Editor’s Pick and remember it’s important to have a process for managing a crisis in place before it occurs.

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