Wednesday 21 March 2018
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Editor’s Pick

Patty Harrison
Editor-in-Chief AdChat DFW

This month’s pick is about saying your sorry when something goes awry. Many of you followed the saga a few weeks back when KFC hit a logistics snafu and completely ran out of chicken in many of their UK restaurants. In response to many angered “finger lickin’ good” fans, the company ran a humorous print ad by “Mother” and rearranged the fast-food chain’s name to spell “FCK” on an empty chicken bucket. The ad ran in The Sun and Metro which pointed viewers to a website with chicken status updates for local KFC locations.  Mike Sullivan with Loomis aptly comments on KFC’s approach to right the wrongs of the situation and how they aptly responded to their customers.

Please take the time to read this month’s Editor’s Pick and remember that love does mean having to say you are sorry.

Love Does Mean Having to Say You Are Sorry

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