Friday 20 October 2017
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Editor’s Pick

Announcing “Editor’s Pick” for Thought Leadership

Patty Harrison
Editor-in-Chief AdChat DFW

Since the launch of AdChat DFW, we’ve received numerous opportunities to republish thought leadership articles of interest to our audience. In fact there are so many we can’t publish them all. In light of this, we’ve decided to launch an Editor’s Pick page where we will highlight the best of the best. If your company regularly posts blogs which are of relevance to the marketing, agency, production, film and talent communities in DFW, please consider submitting them for publication on our site.  You may also email  them directly.  If your article is chosen, we will post on our social channels so your brilliance will be shared with our audience, which is YOUR audience.

This month’s pick is on an extremely pithy subject, Millennials in the ad agency workplace. They have received such bad press, but this article by Gary Hooker, Chief Marketing Officer with Imaginuity, a full-service digital marketing agency, explores both the positive and negative aspects and offers advice on how to obtain the very best from them. It’s a great read! Please feel free to comment with your own experiences.

Work with Millennials?

Working Productively with Millennials in the Agency World

by Gary Hooker, CMO, Imaginuity There’s no question about it. Millennials are a new breed of employee. Some see managing them in the...

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