Tuesday 22 September 2020
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Moroch Launches Industry Assessment Tool to Assist with COVID Recovery

Moroch Launches Industry Assessment Tool to Assist with COVID Recovery

Moroch Partners, a Dallas-based full-service independent marketing and communications agency, announced the development and launch of a DMA assessment tool, designed to help businesses get strategic insight into their markets. This new strategic planning tool can help businesses make smart decisions on a local level and can help businesses on the path to recovery, following COVID-19.

The tool provides insight on media strategy, content strategy, and a recommendation on the overall marketing approach at each stage of the pandemic in order to maximize marketing effectiveness and strengthen brands. Each market is assigned a weighted score based on the following key data points. The lower the score, the more heavily the market has been impacted by the virus. A higher score indicates a market that is furthest along the path toward revival.
The key data points used in this tool are:
– Unemployment rate
– Political persuasion
– Political majority
– Covid-19 related death rate by state
– Rural vs. Urban
– Current lockdown status by state
– Restaurant opening status by state
– Infection rate by state


DMA Recommendation Examples

“We are so excited to bring this tool to our clients and the community. COVID-19 has impacted all businesses and industries, so we endeavored to create a tool that can aid companies as they start to reopen, as well as provide strategic insight and guidance on how to best market their services, during this time,” said Chief Executive Officer, Matt Powell.
For more information about this new tool, or for help in understanding the results from your market, please contact Kelly Correia at

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