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Vantage Innovation Lab Revolutionizes Marketing with Historic AI Voice Activation

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Vantage Innovation Lab, a pioneering female-owned, Hispanic-owned marketing innovation company founded by the former head of marketing at Avocados From Mexico, has achieved an extraordinary global milestone. They have become the world’s first company to unveil real-time streaming cloned voice and avatar powered by ChatGPT, catapulting marketing innovation into a new era. This groundbreaking achievement comes as part of their collaboration with SOMOS, a vibrant Mexican food brand on a mission to make Mexican cuisine ubiquitous in American home kitchens.

After a remarkable nine-year tenure driving digital marketing and innovation for the avocado brand, Kinser’s new venture now focuses on empowering emerging food brands. Its mission is to provide them with access to tech-led marketing that rivals multi-billion-dollar brands while remaining cost-effective. Leveraging AI across various service areas allows them to maintain cost efficiency without compromising quality.

Real Mexican Meets Innovation

SOMOS, known for delivering real Mexican flavors and complete meal solutions, seeks to make shopping for and cooking real Mexican meals in minutes easier than ever. Vantage Innovation Lab, in partnership with D-ID, a cutting-edge Israeli Generative AI Startup specializing in creative reality, and Eleven Labs, the brainchild of an ex-Google machine learning engineer and ex-Palantir deployment strategist, undertook an unprecedented generative IA-driven activation to support its client’s vision.

The result? A real-time streaming cloned voice and avatar, a technological marvel that now brings the wisdom and warmth of SOMOS co-founder and CEO Miguel Leal’s mother, Veronica Villarreal, into every home and Mexican grocery aisle. This monumental initiative seamlessly combines the magic of emerging marketing technology with the authenticity of real Mexican food.

“At SOMOS, we’re bringing vibrant heritage and delicious flavors to ready-to-eat foods and hope to get Americans cooking Mexican food in their home kitchens with the same ease that they grab a box of pasta and jar of marinara sauce to cook Italian food. Teaming up with Vantage Innovation Lab to bring the voice and wisdom of my own mother into every home and grocery aisle is a testament to our commitment to bringing real, convenient Mexican to the masses in creative ways. We believe this initiative will not only delight and be useful to our customers but will also set a new standard for consumer engagement in the food industry,” says Miguel Leal, Co-Founder and CEO of SOMOS.

In a world where technology is ubiquitous, it’s the fusion of creativity and cutting-edge technologies that defines true marketing disruption. Vantage Innovation Lab’s audacious venture sets a new standard for innovation by showcasing how different technologies can be artfully combined to create transformative consumer experiences.

Ivonne Kinser, Founder and CEO of Vantage Innovation Lab, articulates their philosophy: “We don’t see technology as a driver but as an enabler. Used creatively, marketing technology helps us solve the most difficult marketing challenges of our clients in powerful and extraordinarily memorable ways that make a difference for their brands and their consumers alike.”

For the execution of the one-of-a-kind strategy, Vantage engaged iXperience as its tech deployment arm. As its Founder and CEO, Nick Bernardini, states, “Innovation takes not only a great deal of creativity but, most importantly, courage, conviction, and determination, and Vantage has those traits in abundance. We are excited to have been selected as the executional partner of such transformational idea.” Concludes Bernardini.

A New Dawn in Marketing Innovation

The breakthrough innovation extends into a platform that includes a large language model, granting users access to the culinary wisdom of Veronica Villarreal, 24/7 via the website at and via WhatsApp at 512-380-1351. While the real-time streaming experience is currently available only on desktop due to an IOS 17 update affecting the streaming experience, Vantage Innovation Lab is committed to expanding its accessibility.

Gil Perry, Co-Founder and CEO of D-ID applauded the achievement. “We’re excited to be part of this pioneering effort. By combining our generative AI capabilities with Vantage Innovation Lab’s marketing expertise and SOMOS’s commitment to real Mexican cuisine, we’re contributing to a new and meaningful way for consumers to engage with brands. We are proud to have them as the first D-ID partner to livestream a customized avatar with an ElevenLabs cloned voice, enabling a significant step forward in marketing innovation.”

With the gates of innovation now wide open, Vantage Innovation Lab and SOMOS have pioneered a new era in marketing, setting a precedent for what’s possible when technology, authenticity, and creativity converge. The journey has just begun, and the world eagerly anticipates the transformative experiences yet to come.

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