31,000 FT Creates Another Fun Epson Campaign with Shaq | Sugar Shoots, Republic Edits

Written by 31000 FT

31,000 FT, the little shop with the big spokesman Shaquille O’Neal just launched another new campaign.

Shaq stars for Epson in the “Fill and Chill” campaign. This time around Shaq says “Don’t Get Cartridged!” You know the feeling = you are out of ink at the worst possible time and need to buy more of those tiny, expensive printer ink cartridges. Shaq lets you know to avoid that with the Epson EcoTank printer.

Kristina Blake, Partner at 31,000 FT, stated, “Of note, Epson is now the number one brand of printer in the USA and Canada. Credit to Sugar Productions for bringing it to life. Marshall Lestz, aka the Shaq whisperer, wrote the spots and Dean Hlavinka handled the art direction. Editorial was completed by Republic”

11 years of working with the big fella and counting!

Andy McGee, Editor at Republic stated, “Working with Shaq is always fun because he’s a big kid and a great performer. He really shines when they ask him to ad-lib and put his personal style on the dialogue. One of the spots in this Epson campaign for their EcoTank printers required two Shaqs interacting with each other: one spokesman, the other a frustrated printer user. With two Shaqs, the options for humor multiplied, and we worked with the agency to find the right balance of delivering important info and the funny Shaq stuff that we all love.”

Nick Mueth, CG/VFX at Republic added, “For this project, we were tasked with taking the 2D ECOtank logo and bringing it to life in 3D.  Jason Vigue with our Republic Design team did a great job on the product demo in the body of the spot. I was really pleased with the way the fluid dynamics worked with the overall composition, and the way it complimented the overall animation in the mnemonic and the tag. And Shaq’s performance, as always, takes the whole spot to another level. “

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