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BeautifulBeast Teams up with Visit San Antonio to Unleash a Metaverse Marvel

Written by BeautifulBeast
San Antonio is the first city in Texas with a presence in the Metaverse

Cross-cultural agency BeautifulBeast has entered into a strategic alliance with Mighty Industries and XALTER to create Mighty Beast. This unit specialized in content and web3 is in charge of the creation and production of 210Plaza, an entertainment platform in the Metaverse for the city of San Antonio. The goal is to attract visitors to the city, highlighting many of the cultural and culinary aspects that are attractive to young adults who like to explore new experiences.

“We are excited to unveil a captivating vision for the city’s tourism growth as it enters the Metaverse. Beyond the famed Riverwalk and the iconic Alamo, San Antonio’s allure comes alive through its culinary brilliance, with multiple James Beard Foundation-recognized chefs and restaurants. To ignite national interest and draw visitors to our cherished city, the culturally rich and authentic content curated by our partners at Mighty Beast is primed to take center stage in this exciting new Metaverse space,” said Sue De Lopez, Director of Marketing for Visit San Antonio.

“For Visit San Antonio, we are creating content that transcends conventional advertising, resonating with our audience on a deeply ‘Real and True’ level. San Antonio brims with boundless stories waiting to be told, and we are thrilled by this exceptional opportunity,” declared Aldo Quevedo, CEO of BeautifulBeast.

Among the standout pillars of entertainment within 210Plaza, the eagerly anticipated “Corazón City” comes to life, featuring a captivating short film starring Jordan Elsass (Little Fires Everywhere/Hulu) and Cameron Inman (Mayfair Witches/AMC). This emotionally charged quest unfolds against the enchanting backdrop of San Antonio, where the city plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the characters’ dreams.

“Keeping It Real With Greg Grunberg” emerges as a delectable culinary series, following the footsteps of the Hollywood star as he embarks on a tantalizing journey across the city, exploring an array of remarkable restaurants and engaging in intimate and entertaining conversations with local chefs.

“Culture Shock with Gio DiZurita” takes center stage as an enthralling arts and culture podcast. Gio, a homegrown artist, offers a fresh and unexpected perspective on the city, hosting a lineup of nationally renowned painters, writers, musicians, and artists in its inaugural season.

“Our ultimate objective was to create an awe-inspiring Metaverse experience that goes beyond the technology itself, generating curiosity and fascination about San Antonio. As the first Texan city in the Metaverse, San Antonio artfully balances its rich history with relentless innovation, a sentiment palpable in every corner. We aimed to authentically capture and reflect this unique blend in our web3 experience,” articulated Jeremy Kenisky, Chief Technology Officer of XALTER.

“I am proud and excited about the tremendous opportunity to collaborate with Visit San Antonio. Plus, our strategic alliance with BeautifulBeast and XALTER provides an unparalleled approach to branding that seamlessly fuses web3 technology, Hollywood entertainment, creative prowess, and strategic acumen. We stand at the forefront of the evolving communications industry, and this is only the beginning,” affirmed Diego Cantú, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Mighty Industries.

The highly anticipated premiere of “Corazón City” is scheduled for early August, igniting the excitement and anticipation of audiences worldwide.

Click here to visit 210Plaza in the Metaverse.

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About Visit San Antonio
Visit San Antonio is a 501(c)6 and serves as the sales and marketing arm of San Antonio as a leading leisure and meetings destination. In 2022, San Antonio welcomed approximately 34.8 million visitors. Hospitality is one of the top five industries in the city, contributing $16.2 billion to the local economy annually and employing more than 128,000. More information about Visit San Antonio and the city’s vast offerings can be found at and follow @VisitSanAntonio on social

About Mighty Industries
At the vanguard of the Web3 frontier, Mighty Industries revolutionizes digital landscapes by merging technology, creativity, marketing, and entertainment. Inspired by their ethos, “Emotion through Immersion,” and with an advisory board guided by industry elites, Mighty Industries is committed to empowering businesses and consumers, guiding their clients to navigate the Web3 revolution, and championing a future where digital exploration is immersive, engaging, and on their own terms.

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