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Plot Twist Creates Fun :15 Public Savings Announcements for H-E-B

H-E-B doesn’t get enough credit for all the ways they help customers save money. So Plot Twist Creativity created a Ways to Save campaign with a series of quick :15 “Public Savings Announcements” that let customers know where and how to find all those savings. And there are no better spokespeople than the checkers at the register ringing them all up.

Chris Smith, Principal and Chief Creative Officer at Plot Twist Creativity, stated about the spots, “They were initially meant to be very instructive to get people new to H-E-B in the DFW market to understand all the ways H-E-B has to save money, and increase usage of them. But the format turned out to be so flexible and easy to produce that they plan to make a lot more of these for future price messages.

Check out the full campaign here:

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