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How Will Chat GPT Affect Marketing and Advertising? Watch Our QuickChat™ with Dave Copps, CEO of Worlds

Written by AdChat DFW

Dallas-based Worlds is an amazing company that is transforming the way large corporations envision their workplace and gather data. By building live digital twins of real-world operations, Worlds AI software captures ground floor processes and transforms them into a live data stream. The fun begins when through the lens their AI, they identify the critical variations that are causing inefficiency, lower production or unsafe environments – in real time.

Their clients include corporate powerhouses like Microsoft, AWS, Chevron and more.

Recently, they acquired 21MM funding round that will allow them to expand beyond logistics and energy sectors into healthcare, manufacturing, retail, government and more. Gartner is calling it a 300 billion dollar industry. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dave Copps, CEO of Worlds, to learn more about his company and also to delve into how Chat GPT and text to image technology will affect the marketing and advertising industries. 

Check it out….

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