LAUNCH Creates ‘The Bolt’ Superhero for Evergreen Power Solutions | Taking Back the Power from Big Power

Written by Launch Agency

It’s a situation Texas homeowners know all too well—paying too much for electricity, but feeling powerless to do anything about it. Evergreen Power Solutions addresses this pain point head-on for their members by signing them up for the best plans and managing their electricity for them, saving time, money and hassle.

That’s the type of energy champion every Texan needs, and now Launch has given this hero a name: The Bolt. He’s a refreshingly relatable superhero who makes it his mission to expose Big Power’s schemes and to bring truth, justice and savings to electricity customers.

Launch brought The Bolt to life in a series of animated videos in classic comic book style, laced with tongue-in-cheek humor. They are set to debut on streaming TV and social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook.

This new campaign promises to build on the already impressive growth Evergreen has seen during their partnership with Launch, with double digit growth in member signups versus last year.






Michael Boone, Principal/Account Director
David Wilgus, Principal/Creative Director
Caleb Alba, Associate Creative Director/Art Director
Alex Slotkin, Associate Creative Director/Writer
Keith Browning, Illustrator
Peter Tarter/Checkmate Edit, Editor
David Hayes Smith, Sound Designer/Audio Mixing
Grant Redmond, Voice Actor

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