Supernatural Thriller NEFARIOUS Premier’s In DFW

Written by John Wildman

Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman’s horror/thriller NEFARIOUS will debut in Dallas with a red carpet premiere and post-screening Q&A with the filmmakers and stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi, and more at the Cinemark West Plano, on Tuesday, April 4 before hitting theaters nationwide on April 14.

On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer (Sean Patrick Flanery, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS) gets a last-minute, court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. The killer astonishes visiting psychiatrist Dr. James Martin (Jordan Belfi, Entourage) by insisting that instead of trying to avoid his execution, he is in fact a demon—Nefarious—who wants his execution to go forward.

Nefarious further predicts that before the day is out, the doctor will have committed three murders of his own. As a storm gathers outside the prison, Nefarious chips away at Dr. Martin’s resolve and conviction, confounding and unsettling him so much that he begins to doubt his own sanity and fears for his life. As the two face off, they deliver crackling energy and a series of disturbing preternatural revelations propelling them to an inexorable, astounding conclusion.

Directors/Writers:                 Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman

Producers:                             Chris Jones, Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman, Sheila Hart

Executive Producers:             Lori Cramer, Robert Cramer, Steve Deace, Dave Kutscher, Bob Vander Plaats, John Sullivan, Dave Van Wyk

Editor:                                    Brian Jeremiah Smith

Cinematographer:                 Jason Head

Production Design:               Chad Quick, Chris Rose

Music:                                    Bryan E. Miller

Cast:                                       Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi, Tom Ohmer, Eric Hansen, Stelio Savante,  Robert Peters, Cameron Arnett

TRT:                                        98 min

Country:                                USA

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