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Watch AdChat Interview with Marvin Samel, Director of Film Festival Hit iMordecai | Showing at Angelika Plano

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After becoming a film festival favorite last year, Marvin Samel’s indie comedy I MORDECAI has embarked on a city-by-city tour beginning in Florida and currently in New York Los Angeles, and Phoenix. The little film that could has had unprecedented success so far, defeating juggernauts like AVATAR and PUSS IN BOOTS on a per screen average.

While the film is legit a delightfully entertaining and heartfelt comedy. What is truly unique about it is that this story is Marvin’s and his dad’s and his mother’s. Marvin never had ambitions to be a filmmaker. He wanted to tell this story following the diagnosis of his mother with Alzheimer’s and to recount the funny family anecdotes about his dad’s antics as well as the impact of the discovery of his mother’s condition. He wanted to make sure there was something to remember all of this for his kids and their kids.

And somehow, he managed to get Judd Hirsch to play his dad, and Carol Kane to play his mom, and Sean Astin to play him. Self-financed, self-taught, no connections to Hollywood or the industry in any way…and yet, he came away with a legit big screen film that is now set to reach more than 80 theaters across the country.

AdChat’s Patty Harrison had the opportunity to chat with Marvin about the film and how a former cigar company owner embarked on a journey to direct a story about his family’s journey through holocaust memories, Alzheimer’s, and the joys of learning technology.

On Friday, March, 10, the film’s director Marvin Samel and rising star Azia Dinea Hale will come to Dallas for Q&As and meet and greets with the audiences. Get tickets for this showing at the Angelica Plano. 

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