Chuck E. Cheese Creates Spring Break Campaign ‘Play Your Heart Out’

Written by Chuck E. Cheese

As classrooms across the country continue to release for Spring Break, Chuck E. Cheese is excited to debut its newest brand campaign today, Play Your Heart Out™, reminding parents that kids don’t stay kids forever so Play Your Heart Out while they’re still young! With All You Can Play games, parents and kids can have fun playing and making memories together – at the only place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid.

A campaign that has been more than four months in the making, the Chuck E. Cheese marketing team nailed it with a new advertising commercial and platform that speaks directly to our parents and highlights the special moments that we can only have with our have kids at the world’s largest family entertainment fun center brand. Great job to Kristen Zucks Didier Kelly Hansen Powers Reuben Taylor Samantha Vaughn Erin Lowack Alejandra A. Brady Allison Chouinard Debra Henry Michael Calloway and our entire team at Material and Moroch for the creative and media execution.

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