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Have You Seen AFM’s Super Bowl Spot? Watch Our Fun QuickChat™ Interview About the Details

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Avocados From Mexico is back in the Big Game with another groundbreaking commercial that is filled with nudity (sort of), countless sensory visuals and it captures an idea that goes back to the creation of man. Why wouldn’t avocados be there? This year’s ad depicts how a lone avocado could make our world full of love, kindness and joy because Avocados From Mexico make everything better.

The character Eve, played by comedy queen Anna Faris, may have taken a little bite out of the forbidden apple, but she and Adam are saved from impending doom by opening the magical avocado, tossed to her by what looks like a talking groundhog-squirrel.

It’s possible…

Flash forward from the Garden of Eden to a present day New York, now named “The Big Avocado” and we see a myriad of recognizable visuals that have been transformed because of avocados: billboards, Times Square, even the N.Y. Fashion Show. The real one starts this week! Everyone is unabashedly nude and loving to one another. Even Lady Liberty gets a avo-makover!

Who came up with the idea, on the spot, if you will? The creative team at LERMA was thrown the opportunity to pitch this year’s Super Bowl spot with less than ten days to finesse the concept and visuals and present to Ivonne Kinser, VP of Marketing & Innovation at Avocados From Mexico. Although many ideas were pitched, the winning one was conceived by the creative team of Luis Enriquez, Associate Creative Director/Art Director and Jaimie Holcombe, Associate Creative Director, and was supervised by LERMA’s Bill Cochran, Creative Principal/Copywriter and Brian Linder, Creative Principal/Art Director.

It’s a fun story, especially considering the idea not only won the heart of Ivonne Kinser, but also afforded LERMA the incredible opportunity to have Bryan Buckley, “The King of Super Bowl,” direct the spot. Buckley has directed over 70 Super Bowl commercials and has the reputation to only accept projects that have certain potential to be memorable in the minds of the viewer.

AdChat DFW’s Editor-in-Chief, Patty Harrison, had the opportunity to sit down with Ivonne Kinser, Bill Cochran and Brian Linder, to get into the details of how this fantastical spot came into fruition.

Watch the interview…


Watch the spot…

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