The “Little” Agency That Did! Plot Twist Creativity Produces Three Super Bowl Spots

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Plot Twist Creativity continues to delight the DFW audience with creative work that makes us smile. This month they unveiled that the agency has produced not one, not two, but three Super Bowl spots.

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages (CCSWB) asked Plot Twist to produce another employee recruitment ad (they did one last year) and H-E-B enlisted them to get inside the fanatical brains of their loyal customers and create two :30s and a teaser. See the latter below.

We asked the Plot Twist team to give us some insight into this year’s creative.

Dave Kroencke, Principal: We are incredibly proud to have produced three—count ‘em, THREE—thirty-second spots to run on the Super Bowl this year. Two for H-E-B, and one for Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages. Not too shabby for a two-year-old agency with a full-time staff of only 15!

Chris Smith, Principal and Chief Creative Officer: Instead of their usual :60, the H-E-B client decided to break their buy into two :30s because it was a better fit for the creative. We even kicked around doing four :15s at one point. But the best part is that, since H-E-B has now opened in Plano and Frisco, the spots will run here. So we’ll actually get to see all three Plot Twist commercials from our own couch instead of waiting for excited texts from our friends and clients further south.

Gaby Corsalini (CW/ACD) and Kevin Reid (AD/ACD): H-E-B has a fanatical following like no other store. So we based this year’s creative on things customers have admitted on social media or elsewhere that they actually do, things that might look a bit odd to anyone who doesn’t get it. We hope people will recognize those behaviors in the commercials and say “That’s totally me.”

Rachel Dawer (Sr. CW) and Sonia Amin (Sr. AD): Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages wanted to build on what we did last year, which was the first-ever recruitment ad to air on the Super Bowl and was phenomenally successful for them. So we did a variation on last year’s creative, where a bottle choir performs a recognizable song. But this year we upped the ante with some cool sound design and more involved production. The plant employees love seeing themselves in the ad and helping project the idea that CCSWB is a cool place to work.

See spots…

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