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For a tribe, there is always strength in numbers. For the Choctaw Nation, there is also tremendous strength in every individual who makes the Nation one of America’s strongest tribes. This campaign celebrates people from across the Choctaw Nation who contribute to the community in a multitude of ways. Each one is equally important and equally powerful. The campaign points out that no matter what you choose as your profession, each member of the Choctaw Nation is part of something greater than themselves.

Throughout their history, the Choctaw people have faced obstacles and setbacks in many forms — and in each instance, they’ve overcome them together. Their ability to adapt and prosper while maintaining their sense of faith, family, and culture is something that makes the Choctaw people uniquely proud. The latest Choctaw Nation campaign points out that not only does the tribe have a lot to be proud of, but 600 generations of trials and triumphs warrant a unique sense of pride that only they have earned.

The inspiration for the campaign comes directly from the people of the Choctaw Nation. As the work depicts, the Choctaw are a diverse and determined culture with a tremendous sense of community. Through numerous programs, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma provides support to its members, partners, and affiliates. It also serves as a galvanizing force that helps pass the culture, language, and a true sense of Choctaw pride to the next generation.

AdChat asked a few questions about the spot:

AdChat DFW: Who are the creatives?

TRG: Tim Tone, Sam Langford, Clint Carter

AdChat DFW: Where did you shoot, and did you use any local production crew?

TRG: The video was shot in the reservation area of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma in partnership with charlieuniformtango. TRG and the Choctaw Nation’s Creative Services Group partnered to produce complementary campaign elements including digital, social, and out-of-home. All the talent, as always, is Choctaw.

AdChat DFW: Were there any challenges you had to overcome?

TRG: We went to the home or workplace of each tribal member featured in the campaign, so it was a bit of a logistics puzzle. We shot in an upscale office building and in a cowboy church in the middle of nowhere. We even asked tribal members and employees to show up and group together for the final shot you see at the end — and they did it without one single complaint. The people of the Choctaw Nation are what made this spot possible! It’s also worth mentioning that we had to get some of the elder Choctaw comfortable with using language associated with “pride” or “proud,” because they value humility as a tribe, and presenting themselves as “proud” could be seen as boastful to some and would fly in the face of everything Choctaw stands for. That was such an inspiring concept to us, and it’s something all of us have commented on since the shoot.

AdChat DFW:Do you have a fun story about the spot?

TRG: It was a blast to film. For one of our last shoot days, we ended up staying in a cabin in Broken Bow with the clients — agency people, clients, and part of the film crew all in one house. It was a blast, and it brought us closer together as a team and further amplifies our “Together, We’re More” campaign for the Choctaw Nation.

Watch spot….

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