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Lemieux Company Answers the Challenge to Create Basketball Team Spot without Showing the Players

Written by Lemieux Company

The Oklahoma City Thunder approached Lemieux Company with an interesting challenge. Create a commercial for a basketball team without ever showing the basketball team.

The brief wanted a concept that embodied the pure love and enthusiasm this organization has for its team and community. We needed to feel the energy that seeped from the court, into the stands, and elevated the moments that the Thunder, their fans, and their city experience together.

Our response? “Fuel The Noise.”

“I’m very proud of the team we put together. As with any job, ‘Fuel The Noise’ posed a unique challenge for us to operate within tight timing windows to execute something great for our friends at the OKC Thunder. Pairing our shared vision with an elite team of filmmakers proved to render a fantastic product that the Thunder, their fans, and Lemieux Company are all very proud of. From the Director, Matthew Rojas, DP, Drew Saracco, and every member in between, this is some of our best work this year, and it’s only up from here.” – Wilson Lemieux, Executive Producer, Lemieux Company

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We joke a lot that, “We’re Not From Hollywood.” What’s that mean?

Lemieux cares about three things. Your product, the people that help make it, and the party on set that it takes to put it all together. We put the money on the screen and in the experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local non-profit, a fortune 500, or an agency representing either entity. Our job is to make sure you get the best project your budget allows for and to have the most fun possible during the process. We don’t stick our nose up at your ideas, we help to empower them.

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