Topgolf Launches New Mobile Game Experience ‘Shankstars’

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Digital golfers, assemble! Modern golf entertainment leader Topgolf is inviting Players across the globe to embark on a fun adventure and play golf in a unique way with the launch of its new mobile game, Shankstars.

Shankstars is a perfect example of how we are focused on enabling more people to have fun and enjoy the game of golf in their own way,” said Topgolf CEO Artie Starrs. “Introducing innovative ways to modernize the game and connect communities through new ways to play is at the core of who we are as a brand.”

Available as a free download, Shankstars is a fun, approachable mobile game designed to diversify the game of golf and welcome Players of all ages to experience the sport in a new way. With a variety of characters, imaginative courses and whimsical hazards, Players will experience wacky worlds and increasingly epic journeys as they advance and level up.

To successfully conquer the game’s boldly designed courses, Players will build a team that includes the best of the best characters that they will earn and unlock. Each character has their own strengths and unique special abilities to help along the way. This includes a power-packing pirate and a terribly talented T-Rex skeleton, or perhaps a gravity-defying astronaut will provide the precision you need? The more users play, the more they will grow their dream team on this new journey. They can tee off on their own and attempt to beat an exciting single-player campaign or go head-to-head against real-life combatants to see where they stack up globally.

“Shankstars is loaded with exciting and unexpected surprises that everyone of all ages will enjoy,” said Topgolf Media Chief Operating Officer JF Prata. “Regardless if you play solo or challenge people across the globe, if you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!”

Topgolf is the home of Shankstars, in-person and virtually. No matter how you play the game of golf, you don’t need to be perfect to enjoy it. Fist pump on the first swings and call a mulligan on the shanked shots because there is no wrong way to play.

“We designed this game to be something different than what you’ve seen before,” said Topgolf Media Director of Marketing Ashley Groth. “Play is at the center of our experience, and the launch of Shankstars continues our commitment to bring fun and a new personality to the game of golf.”

Shankstars is currently available as a free download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Game availability for Android devices coming soon.

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