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AFM® Teams Up with Power Couple Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds to Kick-Off the Ultimate Big Game Guac Showdown | Watch AdChat QuickChat Interview

The leading avocado brand’s in-store shopper campaign for the 2023 Big Game invites football fans to choose the winning Game Day guac

Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the number one selling avocado brand in the U.S., is kicking off its national shopper marketing campaign for the Big Game featuring football legend, Deion Sanders and his fiancée, award-winning TV and film producer, Tracey Edmonds. Because the Big Game deserves the tastiest promotion ever, the couple partnered with Avocados From Mexico to create their favorite guac recipes and the brand is inviting shoppers to vote for their favorite in the “Tasty Good vs Good Fat1 Delish” showdown.

Avocados From Mexico is #AlwaysGood because they taste good, bring the good times and are good for you2. To take the goodness up a notch, the couple will go head-to-head with their next-level guac recipes for the #AlwaysGood in-store promotion. Beginning January 2023, fans will have a chance to decide which Big Game guac will come out on top by scanning the QR code found on in-store displays.

Fans can vote for Deion’s decadent, “Tasty Good” recipe featuring bacon, onion and cilantro or Tracey’s lighter, “Good Fat Delish” creation which is simple and fresh, made with lime juice and jalapeño. With each vote, consumers are entered for a chance to win a grand prize of $100,000. The recipes showcase the versatile ways to enjoy avocados and guacamole, with either light and fresh ingredients accompanied by crisp veggies or decadent and delicious ingredients paired with crunchy tortilla chips.

Retailers can sign up to receive free Big Game attention-getting merchandise displays featuring Deion and Tracey, available while supplies last, to bring the program to customers and take in-store excitement to a new level.

“We love a little friendly competition, even in the kitchen,” said Deion Sanders, former Big Game champion and current head football coach. “That’s why we are teaming up with Avocados From Mexico, to get football fans excited about guac for the Big Game.”

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“This was such a natural partnership because we truly love avocados,” said television producer and former host, Tracey Edmonds. “What better way to bring the good times on gameday than with our guacamole recipes to inspire fans! We’re excited to see which recipe wins. And don’t worry about picking sides – all guacs are good guacs.”

With over two billion pounds of avocados imported from Mexico annually3, the Big Game remains the number one occasion where avocados and guacamole are served and prepared4. In fact, leading up to the Big Game, shoppers spend 2x more on groceries when avocados are in the basket5. And, football fans made 1.6x more trips a year compared to the average avocado shopper6.

“Guac and football go hand-in-hand – guacamole is the number one use for avocados, and the Big Game is the top consumption occasion for the category,” said Stephanie Bazan, Vice President of Shopper and Trade Marketing for Avocados From Mexico. “We’re thrilled to partner with Deion and Tracey to share their recipes with shoppers, and this program provides retailers with the tools they need to build baskets and drive demand for fresh avocados on game day.”

The program will remind shoppers why Avocados From Mexico are a top-scoring Big Game snack and boost basket ring sales through:

  • Exciting sweepstakes: Shoppers are encouraged to vote on their favorite guac recipe for a chance to win weekly prizes and a grand prize of $100,000.
  • Big Game savings: Consumers can save $0.75 when purchasing three (3) Avocados From Mexico.
  • Free Big Game themed in-store merchandising and POS kit solutions: Merchandising and POS kits are only available while supplies last.

Interested retailers should act fast and contact any Regional Director or visit for more details and information on how to order free materials.

1) Recommended serving size is two tablespoons per person
2) Fresh avocados are a heart-healthy fruit. They provide naturally good fats and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Source:
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This analysis utilizes the Impact Analysis and Planning Model (IMPLAN) to measure the jobs, revenues, wages and taxes generated by the imports along the value chain on the national and state economies. IMPLAN is an input-output model of the entire U.S. economy that captures the relationships between industries and estimates the economic effects (direct, indirect, and induced). The IMPLAN model reports on four specific types of economic effects: employment contribution, labor income, value-added, and output or gross sales contribution.
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