Whatever You Call Her, Mum, Mere, Mom – Here Are 4 Ways Brands Can Stay on Her Good Side

Written by SuperStock

There have always been challenging times – world wars, depressions, pandemics – but families have survived, largely because of the blood, sweat and tears of mothers. If Mom is your customer, read this first. Now, sit up straight and eat your vegetables.

For brands that sell products to families, mothers can be the difference between profit and loss. Why? She controls the purse strings. Whether it’s for food, back-to-school expenses, healthcare, childcare, family vacations, recreation, or any of a thousand other categories, Mom is in charge. She’s also busy and, BTW, she does not suffer fools well.

For the brands that must convince Moms to make a purchase decision, marketing images and messages must be authentic and compelling.

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