Omar Sosa’s 88 Well-Tuned Drums has World Premiere at USA Film Festival

Written by John Wildman

Omar Sosa’s 88 Well-Tuned Drums looks at the life and music of the influential Cuban pianist and composer. A multiple Grammy-nominee, Sosa is one of the most versatile jazz artists on the scene today, known for fusing a wide range of jazz, world music, and electronic elements with his native Afro-Cuban roots to create a fresh and original sound—with a Latin jazz heart.

The film traces Sosa’s long and winding road to becoming an indelible and truly unique presence in the world of music. From his childhood in Cuba, conservatory education at the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Música in Havana, military service in Angola during that country’s long civil war, and eventual relocation to Ecuador where he wrote, arranged, and performed commercial jingles, Sosa’s story is remarkable and unexpected. A stint as a sought-after sideman in the Bay Area’s burgeoning Latin jazz scene, and a growing reputation for creating a distinctive sound led to releasing over 30 albums with four Grammy nominations, three Latin Grammy nominations, and literally performing around the world. Sosa’s rhythmic style is as unforgettable as is the path he took to create that music and secure his place in that world.


Director/Writer: Soren Sorensen
Producers: Soren Sorensen, Scott Price
Executive Producers: Nathan Collins, Jess Collins
Associate Producers: Dave Decker, Greg Mallozzi, Holly E. Mello
Editor: Soren Sorenson
Consulting Editor: Chad Freidrichs
Cinematographer: Jason Rossi
Camera Operators: Dan Akiba, David Delpoio, Jay Heyman, Mark TB Matook, Roberto Medina, Scott Price, Jason Rossi, Soren Sorensen
Music: Omar Sosa
Animation: Floating Pear, LLC
TRT: 100 min
Country: USA

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