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Who is Behind the #1 Rated Super Bowl Campaign for Avocados From Mexico? Meet Digital Experience Agency 270B

Written by 270B

Super Bowl is historically one of the biggest avocado consumption dates, in the form of guacamole of course. As such, it is one of the biggest stages for Avocados From Mexico’s brand awareness and engagement. For Super Bowl 56, the ask was to “combine best-in-class brand building with data- and technology-enabled shopper and digital strategies that will make the 2022 Big Game campaign the most effective we’ve had to date.” Alvaro Luque, President, and CEO of AFM.

For 270B, this challenge was nothing new. In fact, this team has been one of the key partners behind the digital extensions of Avocados From Mexico’s big game efforts for 8 years running. Past campaigns have generated significant media attention and awards for their work, the most celebrated of which was 2019’s campaign that utilized IBM Watson’s proprietary personality profiles to match people with local, adoptable dogs.  

“At Avocados From Mexico we take pride in defying the traditional conventions of the industry and reinventing the rules of produce marketing. That requires relentless innovation efforts to push boundaries and conquer new spaces. To carry out that mission we need partners that are as passionate, creative and disruptive as we are, and 270B is as good as they come,” says Ivonne Kinser, VP Marketing & Innovation.  

This year, the agency was faced with two major challenges. First, the brand had just launched its new platform, Always Good, so messaging from the brand was completely new to consumers. Second, one of the key automation partners usually involved in the campaign to generate reach/awareness had recently shuttered.

The solution: the House of Goodness. A branded digital platform that played host to the Super Bowl campaign and brought to life the new brand strategy, “Always Good”.

The unique challenges for this year, inspired the agency. “To encourage deeper engagement with our brand, we looked to trends around gamified website experiences. The House of Goodness makes users ask the literal question, ‘what’s behind this door?’ and explore a variety of branded experiences and digital activations,” said Jeffrey Lefkovits, Director of Client Services. The digital property succeeded in engaging audiences with the brand’s new messaging and campaign, driving a 2:55 average engagement time on site.

270B pulled out all the stops to drive such high engagement time within the House of Goodness:

  • 3D design and layout of avocado-themed living room, kitchen, and master closet, including Easter eggs to the TV campaign throughout
  • A social data-fueled “Goodness Meter” that measured the goodness that AFM was contributing to the internet in real-time
  • Animated how-to simulator to showcase Avocado storing, ripening, and endless other tips and tricks
  • Web AR selfie opportunity with the host of the house, Drew Brees
  • Social Media Share CTAs that triggered sweeps entries to win a $100k Smart Home Makeover
  • Always Good Social Gallery capturing real-time social content
  • Exclusive recipe content, including Drew’s favorite guacamole and other Big Game-inspired treats
  • Online redeemable coupon/rebate
  • Custom 3D rendered Avocado Glow clothing line available to share and win

All the attractions in the world are great, but what about the visitors? To overcome the sudden closure of a key partner, the agency developed a custom Twitter tool that identified social users interested in the AFM campaign and responded to conversation in real-time to further engage them with the brand and drive traffic to the big game digital property. 270B concepted, developed, tested, and launched this program in just 3 days so that the campaign would have the support it needed.

From a brand engagement perspective, Avocados from Mexico won the big game by a mile, receiving 3x more brand mentions on Twitter than their closest competitor. 

Winning is all about preparation and none of this happens without a well-orchestrated plan and close partnership between 270B, Avocados From Mexico, and all of the partner agencies. In fact, efforts have already kicked off to start work on the next Super Bowl campaign to determine how they can once again win the big game.

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270B, a Plano-based digital experience agency founded by husband and wife duo from Brazil, is a long-time partner for Avocados From Mexico and the best-kept-secret behind some of the most successful digital campaigns of the big game, 8 years running. 270B helps food, beverage, and CPG companies enact powerful digital strategies, access an international talent footprint, and create impactful, connected experiences that defy the usual constraints of time and cost.