ATKPLN Teams Up with Oncor to Show How Boat Safety Matters

Written by ATK PLN

Animated design studio ATKPLN has teamed with Texas-based energy company Oncor, for a new campaign where colorful characters enliven a young audience on the importance of boat safety. With a team of artists that effectively operate as 8-year-olds trapped in adult bodies, ATKPLN brings a refreshing youthful energy to the spot with ease, matching elevated character design with a sprightly cinematic animation style that gives kids an important safety message with a dose of entertainment.

The narration by Buck, the Oncor Truck, takes us back to Saturday morning cartoons, with engaging characters urging boat passengers to be aware of their surroundings to enjoy a safe sailing adventure. The spot marks an ongoing collaboration between ATKPLN and Oncor, having previously worked together on two campaigns, including the #KeepAwayFromPowerLines campaign in 2018. With the creative shorthand gained from hour-long kickoff calls and wrap dinners, the talented Oncor creative team reunited with ATKPLN with excitement for a fresh look. The new spot gives the character design a 2022 “glow up” from the 2018 campaign, matching the quality of animation kids see on their favorite animated movie that they’ve watched for the 115th time.


Client: Oncor
Production: ATKPLN
Executive Creative Director: Daniel DelPurgatorio
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Pernikoff
Executive Producer: Marvin Robinson
Senior Producer: Justin Skerpan
Managing Director: David Bates
CG Supervisor: Jeff Masters
CG Generalist: Daniel Ries
Compositing Lead: Daniel Pernikoff
Compositing/Finishing Artist: Laychin Lee
Technical Supervisor: Travis Saul
Technical Director: Callista Taliaferro
Master Control: Justin Gladd
Script: Jeff Spencer
Storyboard & Concept Artist: Bill Halliar
CG Generalist: Guilherme Proenca
Rigging Artists: Jarom Brand
Producer: Hert Zollner
CG Lead: Erwin Dumoulin
CG Artists: Gijs van Kooten, Erwin Dumoulin, Roy Nieterau, Ziggy Deutz, Tim van Dulmen, Sander Bultman, Diewer Feldbrugge, Auke de Vries, Tom Hankins, Alex van der Aa

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