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Local Coca-Cola Bottler Launches Inspiring, “Happy” Hiring Campaign Spot to air in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Dallas-based Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages (CCSWB), a company of Arca Continental and one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the U.S., wants people to know it is a great place to start a career.  The local bottler of Coca-Cola products is launching its first-ever ad in Texas and Oklahoma on Sunday, Feb. 13, during America’s most-watched football game. The spot aims to promote hiring opportunities with a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s people and its culture.

The 30-second spot gives a glimpse into CCSWB and the people who produce Coca-Cola brand favorites for Texas and parts of the surrounding states. Featuring the popular tune “Happy” played on Coca-Cola bottles, the upbeat commercial includes nearly two dozen employees, both new and experienced, from Houston, Beaumont and Bryan.  It was shot last month in Houston at the company’s new state-of-the-art production, sales and distribution facility.   

“CCSWB is a great place to work for experienced applicants and those starting a career,” said Silvia Martins, VP of Human Resources, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages. “We have jobs to fill and we’re ready to recruit more people to join the incredible team we have built.” 

The ad launches an ongoing hiring campaign in Texas and Oklahoma that includes billboard, radio and social media support to drive applicants to Celebrating its fifth-year anniversary in 2022, CCSWB offers a wide range of full-and part-time jobs with competitive pay and great benefits.

The CCSWB ad was developed by Plot Twist Creativity, an independent advertising and marketing agency   founded in 2021 by long-time industry veterans with decades of experience.

AdChat DFW caught up with Greg Artkop, Director of Communications, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, and Dave Kroencke, Principal at Plot Twist Creativity, to chat about a few details on the spot.

AdChat DFW: Why did you choose the Super Bowl to create an ad specifically to encourage hiring? 

Greg: Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, the local bottler of Coca-Cola products, is a great place to start a career.  We have 8000+ employees in Texas and parts of Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas, and we need more.  We have jobs to fill and we want to reach the most people possible. 

AdChat DFW: How did you collaborate with Plot Twist and create the concept of the spot?

Greg: We moved very quickly, from concepts to commercial in less than 6 weeks.  Plot Twist made it easy given their past experience and understanding of what it takes to break through during The Big Game.  The Plot Twist team provided some initial concepts that were unique to our company and our associates.  Once we settled on the final creative, we collaborated on different ideas, such as bringing in the wrapped Now Hiring truck, and got to work filming.  By the way, those wrapped trucks are on the road throughout our territory right now!

AdChat DFW: Did the employees have fun “acting” for a Super Bowl spot and did that impact the company culture positively?

Greg: Coca-Cola Southwest Beverage employees are some of the best people you will ever meet.  We didn’t “cast” any of the roles, we invited people to participate.  As you can tell, they had a tremendous amount of fun bringing our culture to life for the spot.  We are thrilled with the final commercial, and our employees are too.  

AdChatDFW: Plot Twist, how did you come up with the idea for the ad?

Plot Twist’s Dave Kroencke: Our goal was to create a Super Bowl ad that happened to recruit people, not just a recruitment ad that happened to run on the Super Bowl. The germ of the idea was a music track played on bottles. We needed something that would have a recognizable tune but also sent the right message (without the benefit of lyrics!). The Pharrell Williams song “Happy” was the perfect fit, and Storefront Music made a wonderful bottle-choir version. Then our production partners at Sugar Films worked a couple miracles to make the massive bottling facility feel personal and let the vibrant personalities of the employees shine.

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Dallas-based Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages (CCSWB), a company of Arca Continental, is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States. CCSWB produces, markets and distributes Coca-Cola brands throughout Texas and parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The company employs more than 8,000 associates who operate 7 production plants and 37 distribution facilities, serving more than 31 million consumers.  Headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, Arca Continental is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world with an outstanding history spanning more than 91 years. Within its Coca-Cola franchise, Arca Continental serves more than 118 million consumers in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and the Southwestern U.S.  Arca Continental also produces and markets snacks under the brand names Wise in the U.S., Bokados in Mexico and Inalecsa in Ecuador. For more information, visit and

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