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ATKPLN Expand Into Chicago with EP Larissa Berringer and a New Look

Written by ATK PLN
Larissa Berringer | Executive Producer

Who doesn’t love a makeover?

Design-first creative studio ATKPLN has expanded its footprint to Chicago with the addition of Larissa Berringer as Executive Producer. She joins ATKPLN’s existing team of talented artists and producers in Dallas to build out a new Chicago presence and keep the crew in check. This hire sweeps ATKPLN into the Windy City, with the hope that she’ll be allowed into the swarms of establishments ATKPLN Executive Creative Director Daniel DelPurgatorio has already been banned from. This expansion is aligned with an evolution of ATKPLN’s look along with a hyper-focus on building a culture that embraces joy in the creative process. 

With the driving force of recently added Executive Creative Director Daniel DelPurgatorio, the growth into Chicago comes along with an extreme home makeover for the company, punching up the brand, website and overall vibes they’re putting out into the world. DelPurgatorio (or “The Award-Winning Daniel,” as he makes us call him) joined the team to bring excitement, a  flair for break dancing, and a woodsy scent to the existing ATKPLN formula for creative magic. 

Larissa got her start as a production assistant on the hit (pun intended) Showtime series “Weeds.” Trading the sunny, temperate weather and crime of Los Angeles for the relentlessly unforgiving winters and crime of Chicago and transitioned into the VFX industry. As Executive Producer at Vitamin Pictures, she split her time between babysitting and transforming the company from a scrappy startup to a high end creative boutique ripe for acquisition. She made the move to The Mill as Senior Producer before taking on the role as the U.S. Executive Producer of Design at Framestore, building the company’s design offering nationally.

Notes DelPurgatorio, “This is where I would insert a really quotable quote about Larissa, if I were going to add a quote. I have the best quotes.”

While a new website and overhauled brand have the ATKPLN team feeling fresh going into the new year, it’s–as always–what’s on the inside that counts. Although being nimble and innovative are mainstays for a creative shop that they simply can’t ignore, after a period of reflection and contemplation (staying home will force you to do that), they’re doubling down on their core ethos as a world class animation studio, infusing personality and vibe into characters, products, and worlds–with a deliberate element of fun at every turn.

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