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This year for H-E-B’s holiday campaign we at Plot Twist Creativity, wanted to commemorate once again being able to celebrate together.  During the holiday season, the table becomes so much more than the place we eat. It’s the place we gather, play, joke, tell stories, bake, wrap presents, build gingerbread houses, and most importantly, build memories. For two of these spots, we showed how different Texans gather around the table, using a left to right panning motion to link each scene together. 

Our creative team Rachel Dawer and Sonia Amin, thought up a fun visual montage of classic holiday scenarios edited to the 1970’s Captain and Tennille tune, “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Rachel stated, “We wanted a song that was both upbeat that had some nostalgia to it, since the holidays are a time to celebrate family traditions and memories. It was also important that the song choice promote a message of togetherness, especially after last year’s gatherings being smaller.”

We wanted to keep that same energy and ease when it came to our work for H-E-B’s curbside & delivery offering. This commercial shows how with H-E-B’s convenient shopping options, families can spend less time on their holiday to-do list and more time on their want-to-do list. 

For this campaign, we partnered with production company, Bunker, and director Anton Jøsef. charlieuniformtango handled the post production, with Adam Henderson as the editor. 

Henderson added, “Working on these spots with Plot Twist was such a fun experience. I was able to spend 4 full days around Austin with the team, which was less like work and more of a bonding experience.”

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