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Do Existing and Wannabe Ad Agencies Need a Different Kind of Accounting Firm? Kelly CPA’s Company Spotlight Offers Answers

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The owners of creative businesses are great at being creative, but they often need help with accounting and financial services. Kelly CPA was founded five years ago to let creatives do what they do best: Create.

If you are an existing ad agency, design firm, etc., or plan to start your own creative company, you should be thinking about questions like these:

  • How many production dollars can you spend before you owe tax in Texas or other states?
  • If you are starting your own agency, who is going to be on the team? Will there be partners?
  • If you are a large agency, do you have a handle on how states are taxing agencies that do business in multiple locations? Are you tax compliant? 
  • Do you know how to avoid committing possible employment fraud?
  • How is the new federal tax structure going to affect your agency?

When we interviewed Marie Kelly, Founder/Owner of Kelly CPA, we not only learned the answers to these questions, but we also discovered what makes her firm the ideal choice for the creative community. 

Check out our interview.

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