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Rusty Hill Photography Shoots for Cicis Giant Pizza Launch | & No He’s Not Retiring

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Rusty Hill had a giant opportunity to shoot stills and motion for the launch of Cicis Pizza‘s new Giant Pizza product, along with their new Poppers and Pan Pizzas. The biggest challenge for Rusty was working within the restaurant and creating a home living environment for the motion portion of the shoot. Most of the tables were welded to the floor and couldn’t be moved but our team was able to convert an area to a very believable home living area. 

What Rusty had to say about how he approaches pre-production on these types of shoots: “When I shoot stills and video components, I’m always looking at ways to make them flow as seamlessly as possible. On this project, we used our downtime on the stills day to prep out the scene for the motion day. My DP and I worked out a shot order for maximum efficiency and thought through the lighting of the shots. We were grateful when the client agreed to use a “real” family. The natural interaction between the family made directing them almost effortlessly.”


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