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Editorial Spotlight | Shot Socks, For the Man Who Drinks and Wears Socks

Written by AdChat DFW

For many years, Dallas-based Hurst Digital has had numerous public-facing clients such as The Texas Rangers, The Mavericks, Studio Movie Grill, Chuck E Cheese and more. But when the pandemic hit, those clients went completely dark. Not good news for Joshua Hurst, the company’s Owner and Digital Director. 

Being an inventive entrepreneur, he resurfaced an idea he had when he’d put shot bottles in his socks at a ballgame. After researching trademark and copyright issues, he discovered a clear path to bring the product, Shot Socks, to market. As with all new products, he faced other hurdles such as product manufacturing, marketing and fulfillment. 

Watch this fun interview to learn how during the pandemic, he not only produced, marketed and shipped this fun and utilitarian product, but was so overwhelmed with orders, was forced to go retail. Landing national deals with major liquor stores was just the beginning. 

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