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Lucky 21 and Lucky Post Go To Camp Lucky

Written by Lucky 21

Sister companies Lucky 21 and Lucky Post have officially united as collective studio Camp Lucky a place where creativity and lasting relationships thrive.

Camp Lucky brings together Lucky’s directors, designers, animators, visual effects artists, editors, color, and audio talent under one roof and moniker. The organic evolution delivers creative dimension and ideation, flexibility and fluid collaborations, with the considered togetherness that is evoked in its Camp Lucky namesake.

“This move to be a complete 360 collection was realized only through our ability to listen to our clients,” says CEO Tammie Kleinmann. “For 33 years now, our mission has been to make our clients successful. As one of the founders of two stand-alone companies, Lucky 21 and Lucky Post, it has become crystal clear, our clients need us to be a complete team of collaborators and artists in order to achieve their missions, our only mission. This move is unique in our industry in that we have two fully developed companies – aligned philosophically from the start- coming together as one. This is our merger of expertise for the sole benefit of making our clients successful.”

Expanded content opportunities and the needs for brands to strategically connect with audiences has shaped the direction of Camp Lucky. Rather than being all things to all collaborators, Camp Lucky is about being resource-minded and craft-forward. It’s a model that can be integrated specifically to suit the project or creative brief; That process can start as early as the spark of an idea or lend the finishing shine on a piece of content in any format. Additionally, the Camp Lucky studio model allows talent with a multitude of skills to transcend a single creative discipline.

“Coming together affords us the ability to approach projects more holistically, with a clearer view of the overall scope and scale,” notes EP Brandon Tapp. “Turning our focus on the bigger picture creates efficiencies as we move projects across multiple disciplines with a seamless and succinct flow of communication. Simply put, we’re more nimble—this translates to savings for our clients while simultaneously providing an environment where creative can thrive from inception to delivery under one roof.”

Camp Lucky is designed to be a partner to agencies, brands, and content producers in both advertising and entertainment

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