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What luck! Launching an Event Streaming Company One Year Ago | Watch AdChat Interview with Falcon Events

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Imagine turning the clocks back one year and know what you now know about the pandemic.  Everyone would scramble to adjust their business to accommodate the impending challenge. That’s not exactly what happened to Joshua Butler and Bill Mott, but it’s close! 

In December 2019, with over a decade working in virtual event streaming for other mainstream companies, they launched Falcon Events, an end-to-end streaming solution for corporations, government, entertainment and sports. Accommodating up to tens of thousands of attendees for numerous clients daily is a daunting task, but one which they are amply equipped to do.

We sat down with Falcon Event’s COO, Joshua Butler to get into the nitty gritty of what makes a well-planned virtual event successful. It’s not your average 2020 Zoom call. 

Post-pandemic, companies will still have to offer a virtual option in every event, as many people won’t want to attend in person. It’s the COVID affect. They may want to reach out to Falcon Events to ensure their online event is not just an afterthought.

  • LIVE Simulcasting & VOD workflows
  • Video conferencing
  • Low-latency and peer-to-peer
  • Video transport and overflow
  • VR 360 and much more

Falcon will ensure your onsite video streams get to where they need to go, reliably and with the utmost quality.

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