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31,000 FT is Reaching New Heights to Produce Commercials Safely During the Pandemic

Written by 31000 FT

31,000 FT is a nimble advertising agency in Addison, that has become downright limber in the time of Covid, stretching our production and creative muscles into entirely new positions. Namaste!

When 3 shoots canceled in March due to the virus, 31,000 FT immediately regrouped with our clients and reimagined the entire process to meet their production needs and deadlines. 

Employing the use of QTake technology that turns any laptop or phone into a live camera feed, our innovative creative teams are now shooting around the world from the comfort of their couches, kitchen tables and walk-in closets. 

We started in South Korea to accomplish a “pick up” shoot for Icy Hot’s Rise From Pain campaign featuring Shaquille O’Neal. After that, it was off to New Zealand (and onto another couch) for a new Cortizone 10 campaign. Next stop: Lithuania (why not?) for an Austin-based client. 

Korea Shoot
Icy Hot “Rise From Pain” Campaign
New Zealand Sunrise

We also recently took advantage of shooting in person on the MPS sound stage in Irving, holding fast to new AICP and other industry Covid protocols. It was a unique production day filled with masks, hand sanitizer passed around like Starbucks orders, and social distancing from the set to the craft service table. But in the end, it worked out beautifully.


However, one of our favorite places to shoot is Area 31, our own in-house facility for very budget-friendly, creatively inspired shoots. With 2 directors, an in-house editor and motion graphics guru, this is a fantastic option for our clients to create fresh, ownable, creative content in an expedient, turnkey environment. And we have a heckuva good time doing it!

In between it all, we have been zooming up a storm – zoom edits, zoom audio sessions and we even sent a field mic to Shaq for him to record himself for some retailer tags. Thankfully, he sent it back! 

This Covid era has been quite the adventure for our agency who we like to say offers big agency talent with 99.4% less bureaucracy.

Our name, 31,000 FT, is born from our mission to help brands discover, craft and unleash their higher purpose on the world, and that mission has never been more important than it is now. 

We look forward to continuing to bring our clients’ brand purpose to life in this ever-changing, challenging time. 

Nimble, has never been more necessary.

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31000 FT

31,000 FT is a full-service creative advertising agency, partnering with national, regional and local clients, based in Addison, Texas. Team members share a passion for identifying and cultivating each brand’s higher-level purpose. We bring that purpose to life through brand strategy, social strategy, broadcast/digital/print advertising, video content and web design, and we do it all with 99.6% less bureaucracy than the big agencies.