Firehouse’s COVID-19 Response | Offers Free Advice to Small Business

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Strange Days, Indeed

The past few weeks have been unlike any other.

On Monday, March 16, Firehouse closed our offices so that our folks could safely work from home.The balance of the week was spent essentially in “triage” mode trying to coordinate and consult with our clients and each other on how best to navigate the days ahead. We’re incredibly proud and appreciative of the patience, positive attitude and work ethic displayed by every Firehouser. It’s not easy, but providing a steady hand and voice of calm for our clients is exactly what’s needed.

What is also needed is creative thinking and leadership.

This is where the next few weeks come in as we begin implementing ideas coming out of our discussions and a proactive process to help our clients and our community stay on top and out front.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, but it’s why we’re here and it’s what we owe them. It’s also the right thing to do because they need our help.

In addition to our efforts for our clients, we are going to start doing what we can to help local businesses survive. In the coming days and weeks, we will be offering free advice on everything related to social media, brand messaging strategy and media placements. Our goal is to host quick sessions to answer your questions and give guidance to small businesses who are struggling and need help.

If you are a Dallas-area business who would like more information on how to participate, please reach out to Tripp Westbrook ( We will also do our best to answer any specific questions/challenges may be facing. Again, all of this is at no charge as we’re all in this together.

That’s our update. Be safe and stay healthy.

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