Air Studios Opens Swanky Production Studio in Dallas Design District

Written by Lucky 21

Freshly Launched 18,000 Square Foot Production Studio Elevates Productions With Multiple Stages, Production Offices & A Premiere Prep Kitchen

Air Studios has officially launched in Dallas’ vibrant Design District. With over eighteen thousand square feet, the studio features soundstages with state-of-the-art grip and electric packages, turnkey production offices, and a professional tabletop prep kitchen.

“Air Studios was founded by production experts who put all of the things they’ve craved in a studio over the years into one place. It’s a dream set up for any size production,” explains Air Studios Manager/Representative Summer Whitley. “We love being a resource for local and out of town productions alike and we aim to infuse that enthusiasm into each experience here.”

Air Studios offer two soundstages—Little Air and Big Air.

Big Air is 3,500 square feet with a two wall/ compound cyclorama and an eighteen-foot grid. It is drive-on capable and houses a scissor lift for easy rigging. Also on stage and available for rent is a state of the art motion control for precise movement of any shot.

Big Air Studio

Little Air is just over 1,100 square feet. With a cyclorama width, Little Air is perfect for any smaller scale photography, video, or greenscreen shoots. It is also available for use as a casting facility, with pre-installed hanging kino-flos ready to go at the flip of a switch.

Little Air Studio

When renting out either stage, productions are given use of: clean and spacious shared kitchen, a production office, vanities, and the front reception area including the fishbowl conference room.

What truly sets Air Studios apart is the newly installed tabletop prep kitchen. Designed with foodies and food shoots in mind, the prep kitchen is fully stocked with equipment, devices and utensils for any food shoot. This clean, well-lit space is equipped with monitors to view a live camera feed.

Independent of the stages, Air Studios offers four single or double desk offices, as well as two larger “production pits.” Two clean and comfortable conference rooms supplied with speakerphones and monitors are perfect for pre-production meetings or conference calls. The larger Client Conference Room can double as a video village and is ready to stream live picture from either stage with the click of a button.

Grip and electric packages at Air are available through by Electric Light & Power Co. Camera bodies and accessories can also be rented through Air, provided by 4:4:4 Camera.

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