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Sky Bench’s Kevin Paul Offers Insight for The New Retail Renaissance

Seemingly every month, there is a forecast predicting the death of another retail establishment, often they are giants in their industry. With the onset of and online shopping, traditional “build-it-and-they-will-come” brick-and-mortar stores are facing the choice to either embrace the new retail or risk extinction. 

Customer experience is the new holy grail and that involves a well-coordinated online and in-store approach to unify the digital and the physical. Brands that are embracing this convergence are doing well. But those who don’t adopt the mantra “innovate or die,” face huge challenges to stay relevant and stay in business.

Recently, The Integer Group® launched Sky Bench, a retail experience design consultancy that is bridging the gap between traditional firms focused on physical spaces and the surge of digital experience.

Exactly what is the new retail? AdChat DFW interviewed Kevin Paul, SVP and Practice Lead for Sky Bench, to find out.

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