Whiskey Bacon Club Launches New Comedy Spots for | “Get Your Own House”

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Whiskey Bacon Club unveils its first of two new commercials for its new client, titled “Painting.” The new campaign takes the client in a different direction from their usual testimonials that feature the company’s founder Kevin Miller.

 “Kevin Miller called and said he wanted to try a new approach, to broaden his marketing efforts beyond just him,” said Whiskey Bacon Club’s Kevin Sutton. “He has a great sense of humor and he felt comedy spots were the way to cut through. That’s right in our wheelhouse.”

 The campaign takes a humorous looks at what happens when wanna-be homeowners get a bit too overzealous and “borrow” someone else’s house, and then reminds them that is the quickest and most affordable way to get a mortgage loan and get into a house all their own.

 The budget was challenging, but that’s what makes Whiskey Bacon Club perfect for clients like Whiskey Bacon Club is a new creative delivery system that partners creatives, directors and editors under one roof to bring real efficiencies to the production process.

 “We created these with local up-and-coming director Joe Harris, who also shot and edited,” Sutton added. “Joe was great but he couldn’t control the weather. The hardest part was finding a day when it wasn’t raining. We postponed the shoot four times.”

Joe Harris with Side Chops shot and edited, Steve Franko with Frankocolor colored corrected, and TJ Callaway with Loomis Sound did the audio mix.

 A second spot in the campaign will break soon.

Check out “Get Your Own House – Painting”

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