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Animated Teaser Showcases Brazen’s Capabilities

Brazen Animation has released Tempest, a teaser for the Dallas-based studio’s first original content offering. The three-minute teaser follows a grizzled sailor reflecting upon a life of loss and regret. The narrative reveals the lone sailor facing his fiercest adversary. Brazen self-funded and internally developed the intellectual property, utilizing the studio’s in-house team. The Tempest teaser is available at

Tempest represents Brazen’s mission: to tell inspirational stories with meaning and purpose, impacting the lives of their audience. Brazen is currently seeking development partners to produce a long-form version of Tempest.

“Between servicing our commercial clients and partners, we created Tempest as a sincere attempt to test the conventions of animated storytelling and what our incredibly talented team can achieve,” said Bryan Engram, Brazen CEO and director of Tempest. “We want to boldly tackle subject matter and styles not represented in typical animated fare.” 

Before founding Brazen in 2014, Engram previously served as director of studio animation, animation director and supervisor for films and theme park experiences including The Wild, Everyone’s Hero, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Open Season 2 & 3, Looney Tunes theatrical released shorts, The Simpsons Ride and Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.To achieve the moody visuals and striking purposeful symbolism, Engram and the Brazen Animation team merged the artistry of CG animation with the visual sensibilities of 2D animation, drawing from a variety of influences to achieve its unique look. Engram cites the lighting in classical theatrical productions, allegorical references to Moby Dick, and classic animation styles among the influences for Tempest.

“For Tempest, we were inspired by cinematic realism and exaggerated animation and design sensibilities. There’s no ‘house style’ at Brazen. We craft a look and feel for each piece of content based on what best serves the story,” said Engram.

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With a clear vision, fearless approach and passion for storytelling, Brazen Animation creates impactful work that motivates audiences to lead a purposeful life. Boasting industry veterans from Disney, Fox, Blue Sky, Sony, ILM and Reel FX, Brazen has produced animation for a wide range of clients, agencies and other studios, brands, including The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Riot Games, Telltale Games, Dreamworks, Ford and Hasbro. For more information on Brazen Animation, please visit

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Brazen Animation is an audacious gathering of artists, innovators, and creators formed by industry veterans in 2014. We are here to tell transcendent stories that endure for ages. Through our cutting edge technology, bold visuals, and character driven stories, we set ourselves apart as we strive to be unique, purpose driven, and unabashedly brazen. The studio has produced animation for a wide range of studios, agencies, and brands, including Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Universal, United Artists, Fox, Riot Games, Epic Games, EA, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft Games, and Wizards of the Coast. For more information on Brazen Animation, please visit