Friday 15 December 2017
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Mindhandle Brands Crowdfunding Company to Stand Apart from the Crowd

Mindhandle Brands Crowdfunding Company to Stand Apart from the Crowd

Real estate crowdfunding is opening up new possibilities in property investment. The market has exploded, with hundreds of companies popping up in the last few years and hundreds of millions of dollars raised through crowdfunding for real estate projects.

Enter Patch of Land….an online, peer-to-peer real estate crowdfunding marketplace that connects professional real estate investors needing to finance their projects to willing lenders.

MindHandle was tasked with creating a new brand campaign for Patch of Land that would convey their unique value propositionof “Fast Funding”  —and be disruptive enough to get noticed in an overcrowded market.  Check out the results here:




We just want a project. That’s the way we roll. Why? Because creative minds work in bursts. The very best creative thinking explodes at the beginning of an assignment when the details are fresh, the energy is high, and the possibilities are limitless. That’s what we harness and deliver to you – one assignment at a time. If you like the results, we can do the next project the same way. We’ll earn the next job on the strength of our last one.

We’ve defined our business model to be agile to accommodate your business needs. You get a great creative product all while being affordable and devoid of any commitment pressure. Heck, even Forbes agrees with us.

So, wanna get started? Connect with us via email at

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