Thursday 14 December 2017
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Documentary “Framing Sam & Dan” Begins Shooting @ ArtForms Dec. 7 | Register for Free Show

Documentary “Framing Sam & Dan” Begins Shooting @ ArtForms Dec. 7 | Register for Free Show

Ken Womack with Mindhandle recently befriended Sam Gummelt, a local renowned artist whose work has been displayed at the Dallas Museum of Art and other well known museums. Dan Rizzie is Sam’s friend from the 70’s when they were art graduate students at SMU and worked at a framing store together. Their careers as artists went in different but equally successful directions and their friendship endured. Womack is co-producing a documentary about the two, entitled “Framing Sam & Dan,” along with John Mathis and will shoot the first footage at ArtForms, an art show held Thursday December 7 at LOT6. The show will be the first time in ten years that Gummelt has agreed to a portray his work.

Sam Gummelt is a native Texan who grew up in Waco, and later lived in Ft. Worth before establishing himself in Dallas. While an engaging personality in his own right, Sam is the more introspective of the two men. His temperament is in keeping with his more controlled artistic efforts.

Dan Rizzie is an extrovert – the life of the party, and his art reflects it in every way. Rizzie’s eclectic artistic style is an energetic melange of his colorful international upbringing, diverse influences and his vibrant personalty.

The content of “Framing Sam & Dan” includes tales of the artists’ long and entertaining friendship, their disparate artistic styles and correlating personalities, and their artistic philosophies – all told through on-screen interviews with the artists and those near to them who have witnessed their careers firsthand, and all starting from an unassuming frame shop in the 1970’s.

Attend Thursday’s ArtForm and meet Ken, Sam and Dan and other local artists. The show runs 6-9 PM.

Register here.


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